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RubiCam Remote Control Panel

RCP RubiCam HDThe RubiCam Remote Control Panel (RCP) controls the electronic parameters of the camera together with the Zoom, Focus and Iris controls. The key to the individual control touch buttons are shown on the diagram and key directory (As shown in the instruction manual). The RCP is connected to the Camera Control Unit (CCU) via  a RS232 data cable which for convenience uses a standard 3X pin XLR audio cable and may be up 1000 feet long. There is also an "On Air" indicator and preview facility button which is connected via a miniature 4X pin Lemo socket.

RubiCam has eight different switchable modes together with scene files.

The Zoom, Focus and Iris controls are at the bottom section of the RCP and offer operational control of the RubiCam in the normal way. The RCP can be easily slotted into an OCP position in an OB Vehicle or Studio Vision Control Area.




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