The RubiCam has a built in 10:1 zoom lens being 5.1mm on the wide end and 51mm on the tele end. A wide angle adaptor can be used, which will give the wide end of the lens about 90 degrees. (optional extra) For Commentary position or similar production work the CCU has a two audio/data input channel facilities.

All the major parameters of the camera can be controlled by the RubiCam Remote Control Panel (RCP). The cameras zoom, focus and iris can also be controlled from the RCP.

Additionally for testing purposes the Zoom, focus and iris can also be controlled locally from the camera head whilst viewing a PAL output signal. (Optional Extra)

Camera Overview

Technical Specifications

Camera Control Unit

Remote Control Panel

Full Duplex Fibre Port

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Camera Overview

The RubiCam is a very small HD/SD Camera with a separate head and CCU. The Camera has a single 1/3" CMOS sensor which produces approximately 2M pixels. The Camera head and the CCU can be connected together by a 10X metre, 20X metre or 30X metre camera cable (6mm) as used by Toshiba Cameras, equally the Toshiba AC adaptor can also be used to power the CCU.

The RubiCam camera produces a 16:9 HD picture of 1080i lines or 720p and camera output of component Y/Pb/Pr and HD-SDI.  It can also be switched to SD with a 4:3 aspect ratio picture and output SDI, Y/C and VBS.

The Camera is a 12 Volt DC system and power consumption is approximately 20 Watts. The RubiCam is a very small camera and the head measures approximately 2"X2"X3" (5X5X8cms) and weighs approximately 3/4 lb (400gms).

The RCP is linked to the CCU by RS232 cable with a baud rate of 38,400 and can be operated at a considerable distance away from the OB truck or Vision Control area. The RCP has been designed to work in an OCP position in a scanner or vision control area for studios. Additionally the RCP can be physically coupled to a miniature Pan & Tilt head to give a complete remote control facility. (Optional Extra)

As an optional extra, the CCU can have a Full Duplex Mode Fibre Port which can transport HD-SDI with embedded Audio. Therefore, for remote control camera work it is possible to send Audio/Data down the line together with the picture and then receive return video and talkback if required, through a SMPTE Hybrid Optical Cable interface.

The RubiCam HD/SD Camera is recommended for Studio, Outside Broadcast or indeed any Mobile Television production work.

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