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  Full Duplex Fibre Port

The RubiCam Camera Control Unit (CCU) offers a Full Duplex Fibre Port facility. This enables the Camera output signals such as HD-SDI to be easily distributed with embedded Audio or Data from the production area to the OB truck or any Vision Control Area. Additionally the OB truck can send video Audio/Data signals back to the production area via the return path. This is achieved by the SMPTE Hybrid Optical Cable interface which can distribute Video, Audio, or data in both directions over a considerable distance. This facility is particularly suitable where RubiCam may be used in a location which might be some distance from the OB truck or Vision Control Area.

This makes RubiCam very suitable for commentary position and similar production work. It is also possible to control a suitable Pan & Tilt head via the SMPTE Hybrid Optical interface link if required.

RubiCam Full Duplex Fibre Port Diagram



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